Application Development

AYM Systems builds unique, interesting web-accessible applications.

We created a new conversation model based on collaborative argument diagramming. The site allowed users to post a thesis - for example, "Dogs are better pets than cats". The user community would then add supporting or refuting assertions which were mapped into a tree diagram in order to explore the argument space.

We created a professional networking platform with a full suite of communication tools, including social graph, interest graph, blogs, forums, galleries, organic groups, messaging, events, calendars and more. We're using this platform to launch professional networking sites targeted to specific industries.

We created a Twitter bot, publishing to over 100 accounts.

We have executed system integration projects. working with Quickbooks, physical access control systems, directory services, and geospatial/mapping services among others.

If you've got a project that's beyond the capabilities of typical web development shops, contact us!

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