Database Development

You hire good developers based on language, paradigm and maybe even industry expertise. Still, you delegate the UI/UX and infrastructure layers to specialists. So why do you "just let the developers and DBAs" build the data tier in the hope that "together they will figure it out?"

Most developers and DBAs don't know how to build robust, scalable, high performing data tiers. And their domain expertise is far enough apart that they don't always collaborate toward optimal solutions.

Your data is your business. You need a specialist to build your data tier - someone who understands and develops applications, but who also understands how databases work. Someone who can work with your developers and DBAs to apply best practice principles at every step and in every layer.

AYM Systems offers end-to-end design, development and performance management for new and existing systems. We have extensive, cross-industry expertise developing high performance OLTP, OLAP and web systems on Oracle, MySQL and NoSQL platforms.

Services include:

  • Data tier architecture
  • Data modeling
  • Query writing
  • Stored procedure/trigger development
  • Data history/audit management
  • Search management
  • Cache management
  • Data loading and migration
  • Performance tuning and management

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