PhillyDB: Postgrespalooza

Submitted by admin on Fri, 11/16/2012 - 00:14

Hey folks, it's been a busy month for the organizers of the PhillyDB and Philly PostgreSQL groups. So we're joining forces for our November meeting. Wonder Twin powers, activate! Form of: Postgrespalooza!

John Ashmead will talk about PostgreSQL & Postgis and Jim Mlodgensky will talk about PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrappers.

Using PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrappers

As more and more alternative data stores come into use, the problem of being able to easily use and report on the data scattered across those data stores becomes increasingly difficult. PostgreSQL has a feature called Foreign Data Wrappers that allows external data sources to be queried from PostgreSQL and look like a standard table. Using Foreign Data Wrappers, users can create a report that joins data residing in MySQL, CouchDB and MongoDB all in a single query.

In this talk, we'll discuss how to set up a Foreign Data Wrapper for various data sources, the pros and cons using them and time permitting, a little about how to write one.

How to Install PostgreSQL & Postgis on an Intel Mac

And why you might want to do this. There are at least five different ways to do the install: from the raw source, using Stack Builder, using a prebuilt distribution, using macports, & using fink. Each approach has its pluses & minuses. I've just sweated thru the installs & learned a lot about the pluses and the minuses of each approach. I'll describe what the issues are & which approach might be best in particular cases. A fair amount of what I learned applies not only to the Mac and Postgres but to Unixoid machines and open source databases in general. I'll try to turn my pain into your gain.


6:00 - pizza and socializing
6:30 - presentations
8:00 - beverages at Nodding Head Brewpub

November 20, 2012 · 6:00 PM - Municipal Services Building

Register at the PhillyDB site