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If your career is in sales, recruiting, or some other field that requires networking with unlimited numbers and types of people, LinkedIn is the site for you.

But most people don't work that way. Most people work within defined industries. These people need to find and interact with other industry participants - and only other industry participants. For these people, mass generic professional networking can distract from, dilute and even inhibit participation.

At the other end of the spectrum are what can be characterized as affinity sites (often created through Ning). In contrast to LinkedIn - too big and unfocused - affinity sites tend to be too small and narrowly focused. And the customization of these sites - to accommodate the distinct characteristics of the targeted profession - tends to be superficial, if not mostly absent.

As industry professionals explore these alternatives, they inevitably come to the disappointing conclusion that they are poorly served by LinkedIn, Ning and other sites that attempt to accommodate all comers with the same set of lowest common denominator tools.

At AYM Systems, we have taken a step back and rethought what professionals need to accomplish in their networking activities, as well as how to structure tools to perform those tasks. That analysis has guided the development of a proprietary platform for building and deploying industry-scale professional networking sites.

Key features of these sites:

  • Extensive - often unique - methods of finding other participants
  • Form working groups of any size - each with its own tool set and privacy settings
  • A full suite of communications tools lets participants share knowledge and news
  • Build relationships across roles, organizations and geographic boundaries
  • Track people, organizations and the industry itself at multiple geographic levels
  • Organizations operate fully as participants

Each site is highly customized, accommodating the distinct characteristics of a single targeted industry. Each site is open only to qualified participants in that industry. And each site includes recognized industry leaders as owners and operators.

That means that these sites treat participants as professionals - not just as resumes, or sales prospects. They provide the tools that participants need to find and engage industry leaders, and to become leaders themselves.

AYM Systems is partnering with industry leaders to deploy these sites. We seek exceptional professionals who 1) possess extensive understanding of their respective industries, and 2) are active in networking with their fellow industry participants.

If you meet these criteria, and find yourself dissatisfied with the generic professional networking solutions available elsewhere, please contact us to discuss a potential relationship.

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